Sunday, April 3, 2011

Recent travels!! (continued)

Here are some continued photos from Fraser island with my sister, Nat!

Natalie decided that even though dingoes LOOK like dogs...we were very warned that their behavior is not as friendly. So we continued up the Fraser Island Coast trying to find a camping we're taking a little break having a snack out of the esky (ice chest)

When we got back on the road , we soon came up to a US ship wrecked on the beach!

There's actually several of these ships wrecked on the islands off of Australia...this one has slowly been corroding because of the sand/salt water. Either way, it was one of the coolest things i've seen in Australia..

Our Suzuki Jimny next to the US shipwreck...

When we continued on our journey, we were lucky enough to find a shop off the coastal beaten path! We went up a road trying to find a campsite..............and came back with a 6 pack instead!

There were heaps of coconuts all over the coast line. Coconuts and (unfortunately) litter had made its way to Fraser due to a nasty storm in Indonesia...Nat and I took a nice long walk to investigate the trash, and discovered a few washed up cups of noodles and flip flops.

We found a campsite!! and in an attempt to escape the LARGE flies, we set up camp pretty quick and piled on the bug spray. I think they were called March Flies...they are RELENTLESS....

A view from the campsite...we had no neighbors. For Miles.

With enough bug spray, and of course, lots of sunscreen....we were able to enjoy a little sunbathing. We couldn't do much swimming as we were warned that this is a MAJOR shark feeding area. The creeks worked just fine to cool us off :)

Got back to camp and cooked up some chicken burgers! notice the wind block(table), the esky(ice chest), and our stove. Good thing the firefighter was with me...I think I would've been stuck eating crackers and hummus for dinner if she didn't get that thing started! We escaped to the fly escape (our tent) for dinner!

Woke up pretty early and made our way to the end of our route.....indian head!

While making our way into the sights and sounds of the bushland... we came across quite the dodgy little piece of road. Nat once had a jeep, so this was a piece of cake. NOTTTTTT!!! Keep in mind that if we weren't able to get across this bit of road, we would've had to reverse back about 1/4 mile.

   We made it to Lake Mckenzie! This is definitely the coolest body of water I've ever seen, and one of my favorite experiences while being in Australia. I think it was because this lake seemed less obstructed by people...oh and maybe because the waters were crystal blue and the sand was the purest white!! If you run your jewelry through the water and sand, it's known to clean your jewelry! Nat and I luckily had about 3 hours to spend at Lake Mckenzie...

In short, I'm very glad I made it to Fraser island! It was definitely an experience, and I'm very glad I had a sister with me that could operate a 4wd around a very unbeaten path :). I couldn't have chosen a better person share this little adventure with. It was a great visit with her, and I feel so thankful that she was able to make it the trek out to Australia. We didn't get to see Australia in ALL that it has to offer, but I guess that just means that we'll have to make another trip out here in the future! Thanks Nat for the visit!! "Well that's life isn't it!"

Aussie lingo:

If you weren't paying attention....Esky=Aussie brand of an ice chest/ice box. For awhile I thought the 4wd hire company was offering us a jet ski in our Suzuki Jimny! nope... just an Esky for our 6 pack.

Paw Paw- what we call the fruit, Papaya.

Capsicum- what we call, bell pepper.

Rock Melon- what we call, Cantelope.

^ Just a few things I've learned from working a juice shop =)

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