Saturday, April 16, 2011

last minute trip up the coast to Noosa!

This is the Noosa coastline...The Aussie coastline definitely beats California's...most of it is completely undeveloped.

Looking down the coast...we ended up walking around that point up there to find some surf breaks for Craig..

He surfs.. I just go along for the adventure!

It often looks like rain in Australia...but most the time the sun ends up coming out!

I hung out on this private little beach while Craig did some surfing. Awesome sky! I like finding these secluded beaches, there's heaps of them in Australia!

Looking down the coastline a bit more, still searching for a good surf break. There didn't happen to be very good waves that day...I still managed to get a tan though! :)

This was the place we stayed at in the "hinterland" of Australia. This town was VERY similar to Solvang...lots of windmills and irish/dutch shops. Made me miss home! Oh and this place we stayed at was called "The treehouses". With the treehouses come lots of little australian insects too...helps to get the real effect! ;)

anddd our drive back home, we had to stop at Aussie world!! That big brown building is a huge pub/restaurant, and then there's a miniature theme park to the right. This picture is actually dedicated to Natalie; we stopped here after our Fraser Island trip and couldn't get a picture because both our cameras were dead. Cheers to the Ettamogah pub!


quick lingo:

"hey?"-  They basically just put "hey" at the end of any sentence. Most of the time it's phrased as a question. "It was hot today, hey?!" Admittingly, I've used "hey" once or twice..

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