Tuesday, February 22, 2011

merry christmas????(and some other picture updates!)

Just a quick MERRY CHRISTMAS! (and an apology for being 2 months late!!)
 We had an early dinner at our Italian friends place...Francesco happens to be a chef! I don't know how we get so lucky having holiday dinners cooked for us by amazing chefs!
 The group of italians and americans!
 Our SECOND dinner of the day cooked by Jack! All of it was delicious!
 The group...we have french, persian, and american here!
 A BEAUTIFUL sunset I found after we had the most rain Australia has seen in years!! I know you all heard about the floods/cyclone/earthquake....SOMEHOW coolangatta is protected by a bubble, and was never touched by any of this bad weather.
A normal day in Coolangatta, 5,6,7,and 8 year olds hopping into the surf spot that is home to the top professionals in the world. It's completely normal for parents to raise their kids as surfers in Australia...it's safe to assume that I do not ever try to surf near this spot, the kids are wayyyy too good!!

There are more updates to come. I 've been lucky enough to have visits from my sister, Natalie..and my friend, DD from Santa Barbara. Time seems to just be flying by here...so I've decided to extend my trip by a month. I've realized that opportunities like this don't exactly come around very often, so I might as well stay a bit longer while i'm here! The problem is, I can barely handle seeing pictures of friends and family from home (example: my favorite nephew, Forrest)...so I'll just have to put up with this beautiful place until I make it back to cali. Anyway, I'll be home around mid-April and probably find myself missing everything about Australia! Hope everyone is doing well..and I can't wait to see everyone in a couple months! Please check back for more updates in the next few days, I had some amazing  trips these past few weeks!!

Word of the day

Mum- Mom (Thank you for the cute clothes, Mom! I wear every single thing that you got me (believe it or not!).  Not to mention, DD wore every single thing you got me! Somehow you have Australian style spot on! Love you and miss you, Megs.