Tuesday, November 16, 2010

stopping to smell the roses!

I haven't forgot about this thing..I swear! I find that on a day to day basis...my day usually involves the same kinds of things...work...go on a run... go for a swim..walk to the store..etc etc. so I haven't really found that I needed to update very much. BUT for the sake of the blog... I'll give you the most recent developments. The newest thing in my australian life is that I got ANOTHER job...yep..so that's three jobs. Don't worry..Im not working myself too much...each job just tends to vary in the amount of hours that I'm given each week, so I thought I might as well get another job. So I now work at Rip Curl, the international surf shop. I still have my jobs at the juice bar and I'm still bartending here and there at Komune. Aside from that, things are going well for the girls and I. We all are staying afloat in terms of money..so we haven't had to entertain the thought of going back to the states any earlier than we planned. Here's some pictures of our local scenery...we really do live in the mecca of amazing surf spots...if any of you happen to have watched a surf movie in your life, you've probably seen pro surfers surfing these very same spots!
                                            "Froggy"- you can't see in this picture, but theres a big
                                             green rock painted like a frog...hence the name!
                                           "heaps" of little pathways, benches, and surfboard 
                                            shaped picnic tables all in my front yard!
                                           "Snapper" rocks....one of the most famous surf spots!

                                        Rainbow Bay..this is pretty much our front yard swim spot!
                                                                      Our apartment!
                                         The view of D-Bar from a cafe up the street from us.

Quick aussie lingo! 

"Heaps"- A lot of something. "That was heaps fun!'

"Arvo"-another word for afternoon. "What are you doing this arvo?"

Hopefully we'll have thanksgiving dinner pictures to post in the next week!! The hardest part will be finding a turkey!